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CADISON - Integrated Digital Plant Model
Bad Soden, March 2013

CADISON R13 is released!
Improve your project engineering efficiency by updating to CADISON R13!


Dear CADISON community,

Being in the 15th year since our software was launched, we are pleased to present a brand new CADISON, now in version R13. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your loyalty.
We will continue to pursue the goal of increasing your efficiency in planning by providing the best engineering solution on the market.

Technical details about CADISON R13 can be found in the update information document on our website under Customer Services department: http://www.cadison.com/index.php/support-services/release-notes, the software itself is available in our download area.

We hope you enjoy reading!

Kind regards,
the CADISON Marketing Team

CADISON R13 includes more than 100 improvements, for example...

Automatic Legend Creation

Create legends with a single command inside drawings. Configurable templates and free placeable tables increase the user-friendliness.

Advanced Object Designation Functionality

The default designation functionality can now be used in viewports, in addition labeling of multiple pipelines inside viewports is now possible with a single new command.

Changes in the Object Model

A new object class for tracking time, modifications to the standard object models, variable formulas etc. expand the possibilities in CADISON.

Improvements in the Module Management of Change

The module Management of Change now offers advanced configuration options, and a new surface to evaluate the changes.

Extended Pipe Support Modeler

New types of secondary pipe supports are available and it is also possible now to create Hook Up drawings.

New Data Input Dialogs

New customizable dialogs are available now to input data in a user-friendly way.

Task Containers

The workflow can be improved now by using the new task containers. Containers with tasks can be assigned to any users.

Process Diagrams in PID-Designer for Visio

A new type of drawing is available in the PID-Designer for Visio, which can be used to draw process diagrams.

Automatic Terminal Diagram

In the past, many different manual steps were required to draw a terminal diagram that is based on information of the circuit diagram. With the new feature "Automatic Terminal diagram" terminal diagrams can now be created and updated with a few clicks. Various parameters can be influenced by the user, such as the template title block and frame, position and orientation of the terminals, the size of the graphics, labeling, etc.


Devices with distributed Representation (Relay Contact Set)

With this new feature it is possible to connect devices to assign lists. The parent object can be selected together with the desired compound label, while the contact is placed in the Designer. By drag'n drop of relays inside circuit diagrams, the contact set is automatically created.

Device and Cable Numbering (Tagging)

The tagging system for devices and wires can now be defined on project level, drawing level, by logical plant or location-based. Furthermore, it is now possible to exclude certain devices and cables for changes to renumber.



With this new interface, CADISON data can be imported into the ETAP Power System software.

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CIC 2013

CADISON International Conference 2013

The CADISON International Conference was held on 21 and 22 February in Bad Soden and it was very well accepted by the participants.

We started with an introduction of the new features in CADISON R13, the theme of the evening was "CADISON on the move", a journey through 15 years of development of our engineering solution.

On Friday, the conference began with two keynotes of the ITF Board and shareholder, followed by reports from some CADISON customers and some best practice contributions to the subjects "Project and Document Management", "Multi Disciplin Collaboration", "Electric Designer" and "Object Model Customization". The documents these topics are available for maintenance customers in our download area.

As a special service for some participants, certain minor changes were directly implemented in CADISON R13:

  • Sorting in Tables and Reports of Texts with German Umlauts
  • New Keyword for the Runtime Calculation of Unit Properties
  • Suppress the Warning "Object already has 3D Graphics" when Assigning a Catalog Entry
  • New SUBPROPERTYFILTER Keyword should note all Child Objects
  • "Recalculate Objects" Confirmation for CALCONDEMAND Properties when creating Reports
  • Automatic Display of the Window "My Task Container" when opening a Project

We are already looking forward to welcoming you to the next CADISON International Conference in 2014 (probably on 8. and 9. of April 2014).


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