CADISON P&ID Designer - CADISON's Smarter P&IDs and Intelligent Database helps Faster Deliverables

Starting on September 05, 2019 3:30 pm

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CADISON® Create Intelligent P&IDs with quick Change & Revision Management

CADISON® P&ID-Designer is a comprehensive solution for creation of intelligent PFD/P&ID’s, Instrumentation (measurements, hook-up’s, I/O‘s), calculations (pump sizing, pipe sizing, etc.) and report(s) generation. Spec-driven Intelligent P&ID Design Solution P&ID Designer


  • Spec-driven solution for intelligent P&ID's
  • Engineering Solution with Calculation capabilities (Pipe sizing & Pump sizing)
  • Built-in Revision Management and Change Management for Error-Free P&ID’s
  • Reusability of P&ID data for future projects for quick Project Planning & Cost Estimation
  • Reduction in ‘Check & Validation’ of drawing objects
  • Reports (configurable) generation capabilities
  • Faster review and design approval process by Owner Operators
  • Asset Information Management (for maintenance)

Key Features:

  • Spec-driven P&ID’s with process data information
  • Faster creation of P&ID’s using reusability functionality – ‘Construction-set’
  • Configurable Tagging & Pipeline designation
  • Hookup drawing with instrumentation reports (I/0 lists, BOM, etc.)
  • Pipe Sizing and Pump Sizing Calculations
  • Built-in Cost Estimator for project costing
  • Built-in ‘Logic Analyzer’ for pre-defined quality checks for error-free P&IDs
  • ‘Mass Update’ feature for efficient change management
  • Integrated Report Generator with customization/configuration capability

Speaker Profile
Ashutosh Ojha - Sr. Tech Consultant Currently works as a Sr. Technical Consultant for CADISON and Visio PID Process Designer (Neilsoft Ltd. owned IP’s).

His previous experience includes a stint with Bentley Systems as a Technical Consultant and KLG SYSTEL LTD. As a Senior Application Engineer (CES) and Technical Specialist for CAESAR-II (for Pipe Stress Analysis) & CADWorx Plant Pro (for 3-D Plant Design).

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