ITandFactory with its continuous endeavor to be better than ever, presents the new release of CADISON R19.1

ITandFactory is pleased to announce the new release of CADISON R19.1. We are determined to bring out the best Plant Engineering Solution. With this commitment, every stepping stone ahead is a new enhancement and advancement towards making the process industry more sustainable and stronger than ever before.

Due to rapid technological transformation, the market becomes more volatile and Industry keeps on shifting its way of working and demands keep on changing. Our continuous interaction with the users to get a better sense of the challenges they face in their domain helps in the constant evolution of a product; changing with the market trends to become better and more reliable.

After the release of CADION R19 last year we worked with our users on the ground level to understand what more improvements they need in this version; thus we came with CADISON R19.1.

Note: For CADISON® R19.1 release notes, system requirements, set-up files and installation guide, kindly login to Customer Portal or contact us for more detailed release notes.

Noteworthy Enhancements in CADISON R19.1:

  • Auxiliary improvements and few new functions in the Process Documenter: As part of the CADISON P&ID Designer, it enables the graphic display of all necessary process steps. A new context menu on project to export activation list report has been added to have more details of the process paths and components.
  • Improved performance while creating 2D plans based on 3D layout plans with faster export of layout drawing (2D extraction) with multiple viewports simultaneously.
  • Introduction of ribbon menu and an improved window management in MATPIPE and Navigator module to make the UI more user friendly. Also CADISON Navigator is now available with new "Search & View" function.
  • The upload and download catalogs functionality in Catalog2Cloud has been enhanced by the availability details of the catalogs.
  • Database Backup & Recovery tool: Using ‘Automated Backup & Recovery Tool’ the Administrator can automatically backup and restore the databases.

To know more technological enhancements and benefits that CADISON® R19.1 can bring to you, please click Demo Request or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach us.

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